Jane teaches privately and can come to your house!

Pricing: $50/hour + traveling fees

Discounted monthly payments: $180/month (4 lessons) + traveling fees

LA Harp Lessons Jane

Jane will travel anywhere in Los Angeles County, and to certain parts of Orange, Ventura, and Riverside counties.

Skype/Google Hangout lessons: $40/hour

Live outside Jane’s traveling distance? No problem! If you have a computer or device with a webcam and a Skype/Gmail account, Jane can also give lessons via Skype or Google Hangout! (Just ask for step-by-step instructions)

Teaching and Private Lessons

– For all levels and ages –

Dr. Jane Ferruzzo is passionate about music education and has university and collegiate teaching experience. Many of her students are currently studying harp at prestigious universities across the country.

Jane teaches all styles and genres of music. She will help you achieve your musical goals and find your unique strength by tailoring the lessons to your individual needs.

Lessons include:

  • Varied playing and practice techniques
  • Music theory
  • Ear-training
  • Sight-reading
  • Research
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Performances & ensemble playing (for advanced students)


Miss a lesson? Not an issue! Jane can record YouTube lesson videos to help keep you on track!

Since Jane teaches at different institutions, lessons might also be taken at music schools. Please contact Jane for more information. laharpmail@gmail.com | (626) 999-4961



Jane’s Teaching Philosophy:

Jane’s goal as an instrumental music instructor is to create a motivating, inspirational and interactive learning environment that is beneficial for the student’s enjoyment of and development in music.

She is dedicated to helping her students achieve their musical goals and find their unique strengths in music by tailoring their lessons to their individual needs.

Every student is different and it is the teacher’s responsibility to help the students enhance their natural abilities and to equip them with the necessary skills to facilitate a successful learning environment.

In order to motivate students intrinsically, Jane strives to create learning experiences that the student can relate to on a personal level and use for self-expression. Therefore, the teacher must embrace the students’ individuality and differences by being perceptive to their cultural background, musical preferences (Jane will teach any style of music) and environments to which they are exposed. Furthermore, it is the teacher’s responsibility to create a balance between structure/discipline and the freedom of music-making in order to aid enjoyment and improvement and to create challenges that match the student’s skill level.

Jane exposes her students to varied practice techniques as well as music theory, ear-training, sight-reading and even research, which helps to prevent boredom and improve cognitive engagement.

Jane strives to create a well-balanced learning environment that is motivating, inspirational, and supportive, and one that meets the students’ individual needs.

Only by acknowledging students as different musical beings can we create meaningful music-making!